What Are the Advantages of Ticket Prices Scraping and How to Monitor Events?

Ticket Prices Scraping

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Ticket prices scraping is a process of acquiring ticket pricing information from online sources in an automated way. It has become a popular way to get the best deals on tickets and track ticket prices over time.

Whether looking for the best prices for something you want to attend or looking for a business opportunity, event ticket price variations, and availability is difficult to keep track of. You usually have one chance at getting tickets at launch for popular events, and after that, it’s a struggle.

As a reseller, your business relies entirely on getting desirable tickets at the best prices, and the window for that can be measured in minutes for many events. At some point, it has similar nature to dropshipping automation.

But with so many events to follow and new ones being announced and created every day, how do you keep track of everything to ensure that you always get what you want when it comes to the most critical events and tickets?

You could spend hours every day just trying to keep up with new events, let alone keep track of changes and delays with existing ones, but there is an answer.

You can gather all the information you want using web scraping, which automatically extracts data from websites.

The Benefits of Automated Event Data Extraction

Event data extraction automatically allows you to have all-important data, including ticket prices, availability, and event schedules.

There are many benefits to this. The most obvious is that you’ll always have the most up-to-date information without spending hours tracking it down. That matters, not just because staring at the data all day is impractical, but because it streamlines the process.

With event prices scraping, you can monitor every event you wish rather than restrict yourself to a few you can keep up with. That allows you to follow the entire market rather than just a tiny section of it, with more opportunities and providing a better service for your customers.

With web scraping technology working for you, it also means faster, more accurate information. Changes to events are noticed instantly, with the correct information provided. There is no chance of human error, and the system will work for you 24/7 to ensure you always stay on top of all adjustments and changes.

To do all this manually with the same efficiency would be almost impossible and require several people working together to cover everything. With the ticket prices scraping tool, you can do all that and more. It improves performance and saves money too.

Finally, knowing everything is taken care of, compared to the pressure of trying to do everything yourself, removes much of the stress that goes into this line of work. Just like scraping product keywords or extracting amazon reivews automatically, everything is much better when its handled using the latest technologies.

Event Data Monitoring Importance

By using event data extraction tools on just a few of the industry dominant sites, such as the best ticket websites to scrape data from:

  • eventbrite.com
  • ticketmaster.com
  • stubhub.com

The list can grow more, and you can keep track of hundreds or thousands of events and know the instant new tickets are released, and schedules are changed, and so on.

This matters whether you are looking to operate a ticket supply business or just want the best seats for your favorite shows.

Over the years, ticketing has changed drastically, and today getting tickets for a popular event is challenging. With early bird tickets offering savings, sometimes significant ones, being early is crucial if you want to get the best prices possible for any event.

Sometimes, grabbing tickets within the first few minutes of release is the only way you will be able to get them, as sought-after artists, sporting events, and more often sell out as soon as tickets go on sale. That’s why sometimes companies separately scrape sports websites to monitor upcoming trends.

Knowing when new events are brought online, when early tickets are released for sale, and other changes can make all the difference in these scenarios. As ticket companies don’t tend to publish such changes beforehand, there are two options.

You can leave things to chance and wait for social media or email notifications to let you know tickets are on sale, have been reduced in price, or other event information, or you can watch the site to know the second it happens.

It is only by watching all the time you may have a chance of getting those ticket releases, but you can’t also just sit watching Ticketmaster all day, can you?

That is where event data monitoring comes in. Using ticket prices scraping technology that automatically extracts prices and other data from sites, you can have instant notification of any change with any event.

With a web scraper, you can do everything without sitting monitoring things yourself.

Getting Started with Event Price Scraping

For effective event data monitoring, you need a web scraper. Event prices scraping tools are available both as free scripts and as dedicated commercial tools.

Which you use will depend on experience and use. For instance, if you are looking to grab a few tickets for events over the summer and have some computer experience, a free script may be all you need.

However, for anyone unfamiliar with coding or who is looking to monitor multiple sites and events as part of a business opportunity, the best option is the professional web scraping service.

This offers the advantage of having someone else to set up and run the tool for you, as well as providing expertise and support. It also takes care of any updates that may occur on the target sites, so you can be assured that your data is always up to date.

Whichever route you take, follow the instructions to set up the tool on Ticketmaster or any other event website, and the system will then continually monitor for changes. You can usually select the frequency it checks. For some, a few times a day may be enough. For some, it may require a much faster response.

From here, the event data extraction is automated, with the data collated on each check sent to you via email if you wish.


With ticket prices scraping software set to monitor events across a site, you can have up to the minute data about ticket prices and availability, event updates, and more all to hand as needed.

Whatever you are looking to keep track of, a web scraper provides automated event data monitoring that can make all the difference in your search for the best ticket prices and the best events.

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