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Datamam is a web scraping companies leader powered by modern technologies. We create automated data extraction tools using custom-made python software. In this method, we use a custom script to perform data extraction. It is customized to meet our user’s needs. Our customers can test the software quality to know what they are getting before buying.

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Features & Benefits of a Data Scraping Company

Data Sets

Setup website crawlers and create your own data sets suitable for your business activities. Data sets are custom-made for your business activities and are provided automatically via the API.


We provide you with a wide range of data sets such as company information, website listing, news, email address lists, etc. We can also set up a workflow that will automate all the tasks that require your input. You can track progress at any time and track your data loss rates to validate the reliability of your new data set.

Custom Code

Create web-friendly bots and automate activities with custom web scraping software. Our data scraping companies provide custom-coded web bots for customers. Our web scraping software applications are designed to help business owners take advantage of automation and build their business on the web.


At Datamam, we understand that some tasks can be automated, such as websites that track their products. Most of these websites allow you to create an account and start entering your data. However, some websites do not have a simple system for entering data. In these cases, the only way to enter data is by human hand. This is where web scraping comes in.

Using web scraping software, you can create an automated tool to navigate your website and record the entered data. You will still be able to enter data on the website manually, but your tool will automatically enter the data. This saves you time and allows you to focus on product development instead of data entry.

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Overcome API

Do not wait for the website to release a public application programming interface. If you have any web scraping application in your company that is bottlenecked due to the lack of API connection, you can use Datamam’s API connection to overcome this bottleneck. It will help you create a 100% reliable API connection.

Web Scraping

Fast and reliable web scrapers allow you to extract data from any website automatically. The time-saving, data-driven process helps you to reduce the risks of web crawling.


The main advantage of web scraping is that it allows you to collect data from dynamic web pages. While there are various programmable applications used for scraping or crawling, this method is not always reliable.

However, your business will take advantage of reliable programs and tools that promptly extract any information from dynamic websites error-free.


Monitor competitor prices and their marketing activity to research your industry. Datamam is a leader in web scraping companies and monitoring solutions. We have built an extensive product line integrated directly into your existing applications or supported as a standalone product.


We are focused on providing quality services to our customers. Our dedicated team of experienced developers will work with you to implement projects that result in an efficient, secure, and easy-to-use web scraping solution. Whether the project is a small-scale request handler for a few users or a large-scale production deployment for millions of requests per day, we strive to meet all of your needs.

Save Time

Allow yourself and your co-workers to save time on ordinary and tedious data collection tasks. Time management is a real issue for many companies that lack professionals and labor. By using web crawler software, you gain time on your hands to focus on more critical tasks such as your business or customers’ needs.


Efficiency is the main concern for businesses today. You cannot afford to waste time and money on data collection or management regarding business operations and growth. Data management can adversely affect your profits, especially if you have many customers or employees.

Our Services

Datamam is a Web Scraping Services provider developed to supply companies with information that fuels any data-related needs.

Web Research

Web Research Services

Our team will help with research to analyze the reliable source of information and provide market data insights for your local and global needs.

Web Scraping Services

Our company has all resources to automate the collection of corresponding public data sets on the web by using custom codes 

Data Analysis Services

We will review and analyze the after-effects and work on pattern recognition to establish trends based on your interests

Datamam Client Logos
Datamam Client Logos

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Our team is empathetic, understanding, and ready to resolve any challenges at any given time of the day. We work together to make necessary changes based on your feedback.

Money-Back Guarantee

Our Money-Back Guarantee applies to virtually everything on our site. It’s manual upon your request and covers any fee associated with any eligible service purchases within 30 days.

Fast & Flexible

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Data Crawling Company 

We are the best among data crawling companies, which makes us eager to overcome data challenges by controlling digital solutions. Our fresh and error-free data sets make a useful data analysis process. Working with us means improved scraping technology and experience-based analytics. We value our customers and are ready to provide valuable service to help you grow and optimize your business.


Introduction to Data Extraction Company

Datamam is the best web scraping provider company that processes your business data to make all production means easier. We will automate your data needs with just a few clicks. We provide high-quality solutions to digitize your business’s requirements. Our team’s experience allows us to provide you with a custom web scraping solution and remain the best within data extraction companies.


The main goal is to speed up the informational flow between all pieces of your business. Datamam’s team of experts will lay out all their competence methods to create skilled data analysis.

Datamam aims to provide a fast, flexible, and reliable way to obtain data from websites. The custom software approach allows to the creation of automated web scrapers in minutes. Once the script is written, it can be launched to scrape the web and download data in real-time automatically.

This service is fast and flexible, giving you the ability to streamline your projects by creating powerful scripts and then taking advantage of built-in capabilities such as HTTP compression, SSL encryption, and scheduling. Your project can be completed in no time at all! For more information about this service, contact us.


Datamam automates solutions by setting up custom-built scraping software on a cloud server and, as a result, receives updates daily. Do you need a Scraping Company that you can trust? Our goal is to educate our clients and make their lives easier. Our team of experts can handle any project. From simple data entry to complex data analysis, we have you covered.


At Datamam, we understand that your business is your life. We want to help you get more out of what you do. That is why our experts have a hand in every step of your project, from design to delivery.

Our team has developed a set of best practices to ensure the fastest and most accurate results for the data you are gathering. They have deals with reputable, reliable third-party companies to provide these services to us at an affordable price. We’re confident that the results will speak for themselves and improve your bottom line.


Our company provides a server maintenance service, and we update codes every time the source website makes changes to secure qualitative data results. We are excited to announce the launch of the Datamam Web Scraping Applications! With this, we’ll scrape your website for all of your data. This includes your images, pages, videos, and more. Our experts will then convert this data into clean and usable files.


In addition to providing our web scraping solutions, Datamam will also do all processing and processing on our end. Unlike working with most data scraping companies, you don’t have to worry about anything with us! We handle all of the maintenance on our end, so you don’t have to.

Web scraping is a great way to get all of your data from your site quickly and efficiently. We’re here to help you with any questions you might have regarding web scraping or any other data-related tasks. Another great benefit is that we provide a free analysis of the quality of your data. What are you waiting for? Contact us today for more information.


Our experts supervise the whole system to avoid server downtime or possible bugs caused by changes or updates. Datamam’s web scraping software applications are among the most advanced in the industry. Our software can extract data from websites anywhere in the world. 


We can also scrape other information, such as social media, that may be contained within a website.

We can also scrape hundreds of websites at once using our proprietary software. This adds to your investigation’s accuracy by ensuring that your search results are not affected by the fact that your target website is down temporarily.

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