Case Study: Automated Solution for Car Leasing Market Intelligence


One of the market leaders in the field of car leasing, dedicated to offering the best possible deals to its customers, approached us with a complex requirement.

They aimed to constantly stay ahead of the competition by having access to a comprehensive dataset of car leasing deals. However, they faced the following challenges:

  • The client required scraping of car leasing deals data, normalization, parsing, and delivery in a custom format daily.
  • The data was high in volume, 1.2 million rows per day structured across 67 columns, making a total of 80 million data points.
  • The key challenge was to ensure accurate, consistent, and normalized data, despite the large volume and daily updates.

This would help the client have a daily snapshot of the market, enabling better competitive positioning and customer offerings.

Rows of Data

Data Points


Success Rate


The transformation our solution brought to our client’s business operations was nothing short of extraordinary. Through our system, we were able to set in motion a cascade of benefits that truly revolutionized the way they dealt with market intelligence. Our robust system powered up to a 50% surge in efficiency by delivering precise and current leasing data. The client could thus make quicker decisions that were well-informed, trimming down the hours spent sifting through data manually.

The automated system we introduced allowed our client to tweak their offers quickly in response to market shifts that occur in real-time. We were able to nurture a significant boost in customer satisfaction. Armed with the ability to offer superior deals derived from precise market data, customer satisfaction soared by an estimated 30%. The secret to this surge was simple – our clients could now give their customers the finest leasing deals, enhancing their image in the market.

To sum it all up, our data solution left an indelible impact, catapulting operational efficiency, shrinking costs, accelerating speed and responsiveness, and supercharging customer satisfaction. This helped our client fortify their foothold as a dominant player in their industry.

Web Scraping Pipeline

Challenges & Solutions


Data Accessibility and Complexity

The raw data was spread across various sources, each following its own structure and format. This included 1.2 million rows of data daily, spread over 67 columns, resulting in a staggering 80 million data points per day.


We Designed a Data Aggregator

A script was built to access and aggregate data from various leasing platforms while respecting the data privacy rules of each platform. This effectively brought together the diverse sources of data into a single, manageable structure.


Data Inconsistency

The leasing deals had different standard formats, which posed a challenge to extract and structure the data uniformly. This required the implementation of adaptive parsing mechanisms to ensure the consolidation of accurate, uniform, and coherent data.


Multi-Purpose Parsing Mechanism

In response to the varying deal structures, a multi-purpose parsing algorithm was created, adaptable to different formats. This ensured all data points were captured accurately and consistently, thereby resolving the inconsistency issue.


Data Volume Variability

The volume of leasing deals was not constant and would vary daily, requiring a dynamic solution capable of tracking changes in data volume on a day-to-day basis.


Data Extraction and Cleaning

We constructed a robust extraction system capable of handling the variability in data volumes. Regardless of the volume, every car leasing deal was captured. Additionally, comprehensive data cleaning was integrated to maintain accuracy and consistency.


Data Format and Delivery

The client had a specific requirement for the final dataset to be in CSV format and delivered to an FTP server daily. With the daily data count at 1.2 million rows, this was not a small undertaking and required an efficient data management system.


Data Normalization and Delivery

We established a data normalization process that unified the different standard formats into the client’s preferred format. An automated system was implemented to convert and upload the data to the client’s FTP server daily.


Dynamic Source Modification

The primary sources for the leasing deals, the target websites, were undergoing regular updates. These modifications further complicated the data extraction process and demanded a flexible system capable of adapting to these changes, which affected.


Proactive Update Alert System

A proactive alert system is designed to detect changes and updates in the source websites and immediately notify our development team. Upon receiving an alert, our developers promptly adjust the data extraction and processing algorithms.

Key Takeaways

Personalized Solutions

This case highlights the importance of creating tailored solutions for unique data problems based on the client’s specific needs. It is important to understand the various data challenges that may be encountered in order to develop an effective system.


Systems must be flexible to handle changing data structures and volumes, showcasing our ability to adjust to data variability. Our innovative techniques and our ability to identify the best solution for each department ensure we are always prepared to deliver results.

Data Standardization

Converting diverse data into a unified format simplifies analysis and usage, enhancing the value of the extracted data. Our processes help to streamline data flows and ensure accuracy while handling large volumes of data.

Future Growth

Our solutions are scalable and adaptable, safeguarding client investments and enabling easy future transitions. This ensures that clients’ needs can be met, even as their data and volumes grow over time.

Leasing Data Extraction


The successful completion of this project highlighted the crucial role of adeptly managing complex data extraction, normalization, and delivery tasks, especially in situations dealing with dynamic data structures and high volumes. Notably, our custom solution handled 80 million data points daily across 1.2 million rows and 67 columns, marking an impressive increase in data handling capacity compared to the client’s previous efforts.

This not only fulfilled the client’s immediate needs but showcased our capability to scale and adapt in harmony with potential market changes. Significantly, automation brought down the error rate by up to 45%, leading to more accurate data that played a crucial role in decision-making processes, ultimately enabling our client to provide more competitive leasing offers.

Our solution also enhanced the client’s service offerings. Armed with reliable, timely, and comprehensive data, they were in a position to make informed decisions and offer the most competitive leasing deals. This led to a significant boost in customer satisfaction, estimated to be around 30%.

Moreover, the automated system we created was built with a forward-thinking approach, anticipating future growth in data volume and continual shifts in market trends.

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