Web Scraping Pricing

Affordable and Trusted

Datamam provides a custom price plan for web scraping services to establish a long-term business relationship with clients. We develop a fast, error-free service for an affordable price. Our team is dedicated to providing faultless solutions -The implementation of our service results to your business’s benefit.

Web Scraping Pricing

Datamam’s Web Scraping Services Pricing Benefits

Our company offers innovative web scraping services pricing model that is entirely adaptable and customized to every customer. The company’s sources identify and distinguish your exact needs according to your description of the project.

The pricing, which is calculated based on our custom scheme, depends on your business’s demands. In that manner, there is no excessive expenditure on your part, which makes the entire partnership and its outcome neat and well-constructed. Datamam uses applied results to allow a cost-efficient pricing system designed to assist you in your business ventures.

On-time Delivery

Datamam’s project manager secures a guaranteed delivery.

Proxy Rotation

We provide proxy servers to bypass issues with limitations.

Support Team

Our support team is available at any time of the day.

Quality Control

Our testers take every small detail into consideration.

Server Support

You will have full maintenance and support of a server.

Value for Price

You will receive the best value for the price with us.


Software developers use multi-threading to avoid delays.


We provide work in progress and after delivery reports.

Money Back

You are guaranteed to receive money back if issues arise.

Why Choose Datamam?

Choosing Datamam means having a team of experienced professionals on your board who will make your operation model much more effective and powerful. We have a team of dedicated professionals on our board, such as software developers, engineers, data analysts, and an extraordinary support team dedicated to satisfying all of your demands.

Moreover, Datamam offers the most competitive price with the highest quality of results on the market. Our pricing model is completely customizable and tailored to the client’s requests. Having Datamam as a partner to your business means building a smart, economical, and well-oiled operational machine that will accelerate your business’s success.

Professional Developers

Project Manager

Data Analysts

Quality Engineer

Support Team

Software Tester

Starting from only 102.00$/Month

Higher Reliability and Data Optimization

Datamam Competitive Price

Competitive Price

Our company uses practiced solutions to offer the best price in the market to help you overcome market competition.

Datamam Maintenance Strategy

Maintenance Strategy

We change and update the software application even after the delivery to correct faults and to improve performance.

Analytical Service

Plan Ahead

A dedicated team of experts will present direct decisions to develop an effective strategy for future application development and arrangement.

Web Scraping Services Pricing & Plans

Better Stats. More Control

You will be able to monitor the whole process starting from the first line of software development. Upon request, you can get sample data at the beginning. In case of changes along the way, you will be able to adjust requirements.

Key Benefits:

Fast Delivery

Free Server Maintenance

Cost-Effective Solution

Flexible Subscription Plans

Datamam Web Scraping Pricing Benefits

Our Web Scraping Services Pricing Model

Datamam’s offered pricing is a well-organized scheme that is completely flexible and customized to each client. We code custom python software to meet client’s demands.

Every project is split into phases, including problem identification, project management brief, breakdown of pricing, and finally, a solution involving data, analysis, and custom software. Our resources unite into a complete and thorough package of services.

Web Scraping Pricing Calculation

The pricing of our services is calculated based on the calculation scheme. It is depended on the requirements you as a business entity present to us. We base our scheme structure on key components.

These pieces of our calculation criteria start with the total information that the site you require scraping provides. Then we examine the complexity of the target website structure.

Lastly, we figure out all software technologies that the data scraping analysis work process demands and quote a fixed price. After that, we will provide approximate resources required for data extraction, varying depending on the data’s size.

In case you require the same service, later on, we will provide a quote for updating original software, unless you work on a subscription basis, which means we will update software regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What data can you provide?

We can extract and deliver any data visually accessible on a website. However, specific legal deliberations need to be followed in every project. When you submit your project, we make sure it doesn't violate any legal practices.

Is web scraping legal?

The act of extracting data from public websites is legal in most cases. However, there are certain instances where it is considered to be illegal or against web scraping best practices due to specific data ownership laws.

Which data extraction solution is right for me?

At Datamam, we have a data extraction solution to suit any requirement. We can offer once-off data scraping, data subscriptions, or professional service arrangements to help you get the data you need in a form that meets your requirements. When you submit your project request, a member of our project management team will discuss it in further detail and propose the best solution to meet your demands.

Do you offer data samples before purchasing?

We offer this service assuming that the sample data is available for the data source. This can be provided in either CSV or JSON format. If it is a new source we have not scraped before, we will provide sample data following the development kick-off. 

Do you support one-time data extraction?

Datamam supports one time extractions, as well as ongoing partnership deals. Get in touch with us to determine your requirements and discuss what the best solution is.

How does your project process work?
After submitting your project request, a member of our project management team will reach out to you to discuss the details. The project manager will analyze the task in detail and gather all information to develop the optimal solution that meets your requirements.
How do you ensure quality of the data?

At Datamam, we specialize in developing data extraction solutions for projects with mission-critical business requirements. As a result, our number one priority is delivering high-quality products to our clients. We constantly monitor the condition of our scrapers and the quality of the extracted data.

What support do you offer?
Our support team is available to all of our customers at any given time. We offer support for coverage issues, missed deliveries, minor site changes, etc. In case a larger change occurs on the site and the scraper needs to be re-created, it may fall outside standard support offering, though this is rare.
How are fees calculated?

Determined by the nature of the project (once-off, subscription, custom), the complexity of the sites, and the number of records/columns being extracted, our project management team will evaluate each site individually, and you will be provided with a final quote for approval.

How will I receive my data / What format?

We offer many delivery types such as FTP, SFTP, AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Email, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Formats for delivery can be CSV, JSON, JSONLines, or XML.

Customer Testimonials

It was an amazing experience, we required complex scraping of twitch.tv and results were beyond expectations.
Fehmi Karagulla

Finance Analyst, JC Partners

I have used Datamam web scraping service several times and I would gladly recommend it to everyone.
Jason Moss

CEO, House of Atlas

Surpassed very high expectations consistently. Responsive to feedbacks and delivered an outstanding product.
Patrick Dale

Managing Director, Aeris Capital

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Customer Support

Our team is empathetic, understanding, and ready to resolve any challenges at any given time of the day. We work together to make necessary changes based on your feedback.

Money-Back Guarantee

Our Money-Back Guarantee applies to virtually everything on our site. It’s manual upon your request and covers any fee associated with any eligible service purchases within 30 days.

Request Free Sample 

We offer free scraping samples for any website data before you proceed with the purchase of a service. Contact us, tell us what information you are looking for, and wait for a rapid solution and an error-free delivery.

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