A key objective of data research and analysis in ecommerce is to apply product trends monitoring to have a clear insight into what customers are looking for.

This would enable marketers and managers make accurate decisions and properly enter the market.

The use of big data analysis has further opened frontiers in product sales.

This enables managers to project sales and optimize their promotional strategies to meet the current flow.

Thus, it saves time and puts the best efforts to use in the best places to yield the best results.

Why You Should Monitor Trending Products

There will be no sales if there is no buyer.

Hence, sellers ought to measure the preferences of buyers and identify the root causes for their inclinations.

Instead of sit around and complain about the absence of sales, wise sellers try to understand the changes that occurred.

With a knowledge of trending products and corresponding understanding of the factors contributing to their course, sellers can make wise and informed decisions.

Primarily, sellers can stay in touch with the market through acts like social listening.

In so doing, they can get up to speed with traffic across the market.

Thats all the same for other industries as well, imagine automotive industry and the need of car parts scraping or what advantage it can give.

The quick pace of present business models makes it necessary to apply a robust products monitoring strategy.

Besides, more businesses utilize diverse models – with varying outcomes.

Thus, at a close watch, you could tell these models and their implications, and adjust accordingly.

How To Monitor Trends On Top Fashion Websites

Google trends has been a reliable tool to understand the market in a robust fashion.

Imagine a tool that automatically keeps you informed on the flow of the market with a high-value automated scraper technology that sifts through websites and social media platforms to get you the most of the internet.

Google trends also keeps you informed with mentions, keywords, and other data that you may be tracking on the internet.

Social media has not seized to be an effective tool at monitoring product trends.

It has been the avenue where most brands grow their popularity and fan base.

On it, you can tell if a product has a good following.

You can also tell if a certain seller or brand is still enjoying traffic or converting its marketing strategies successfully.

More so, it has features like hashtags, mentions, and campaigns that allow you assess the strength of a brand or product from a distance.

Be an active follower of a relevant community that discusses your brand.

You could do this through threads on Reddit or other relevant communities.

However, being a part of a community where your likely customers converge can reveal much about them.

You could tell how the last dip in bitcoin has affected their buying patterns.

Maybe a certain championship is making them show their support for their team.

These are discussions that you would not find in the pages of a magazine.

You can narrow down your focus to your competitors.

This is acceptable.

It is a brilliant way to save yourself some time from making incorrect guesses and insinuations.

You can even refer to other platforms and maybe even scrape eBay products and prices just to see customer feedbacks correlation with prices.

Moreover, they speak your language and share the same area of the market with you.

Hence, you would target their customer base if possible.

You could track their hashtags, join their communities, follow them, follow who they follow, and become familiar with their audience.

This way, you can be comfortable in your skin.

What To Do With The Outcome

A good trending products monitoring strategy is best followed with viable steps that incorporate your market assessment.

They include the following:

  1. Product design: Pay more attention to creating a product model that suits the trend that your potential buyers are looking for. This is very important and shows your customers that you understand what they want and are committed to giving them the best. You can also create variations where necessary. This is profitable too.
  2. Advertising: An improved advertising strategy almost always leads to a flow of market towards your brand. This point cannot be overemphasized. Howbeit, this is best done while monitoring the trends.
  3. Budgeting allocation: Does the packaging of products attract your potential buyers? Do they always mention that your competitor has a better package? This might imply a review of your budget allocation. You can redirect budget specifications to reflect priorities based off of buyer interests.
  4. Production planning: With an understanding of trending products, you can make projections in your production process to match seasons and different aspects of the market. This will not only improve sales but will increase your customer base.

Fashion Websites Scraping

Fashion websites scraping is a vital concept due to the very dynamic and heterogeneous nature of the fashion industry.

Every day, companies roll out new styles.

Buyers change their styles.

Holidays come and go.

Influencers promote their preferred styles and, in the twinkle of an eye, a trending style becomes a thing of the past.

By taking a few sites for scraping, you cannot be mistaken on the direction of the market at various seasons.

More so, a high scraping frequency is more profitable for this industry as changes happen more often.

The Best 5 Fashion Websites To Get Started With Scraping

Scraping fashion websites requires a multi-faceted approach more than any other, since there are lots of variations – like size, color, brand, price, etc.

Also, seasons and affiliation can come into play.

  1. macys.com
  2. nike.com
  3. shein.com
  4. hm.com
  5. zara.com

Hence, you can scrape websites like the ones listed above and have a hint of the market direction.

The main data fields to look out for while doing this include product title, featured colors, sizes, description, price, and category.

In general, product data extraction can give major adventage in your business and help to boost sales with web scraping.

With an objective scraper software, you can extract these data into a CSV file and proceed with the next step.

What To Do With The Outcome

As stated above, a successful scraping exercise, provides you with the necessary information to make relevant business decisions.

The decisions may be related to product design, budget, advertising, and product planning.

Nonetheless, the fashion industry requires a fast-paced strategy to keep track of the market fluctuations and stay relevant for a long time.


The world of trends require more intelligence than following social media comments and likes.

While that used to be the standard for monitoring trends, you can beat it with data scraping.

Besides, they work with data scraping.

However, this time, you call the shots.

At the tap of a button, you can have all of the market at your fingertips.

You should not delay to seize every opportunity to use this tool.

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