You can create an outstanding online reputation these days.

You can also achieve sales boost using web scraping.

The way to go about it may differ.

However, the system has been priceless.

For the most part, it is statistically authoritative and has been giving excellent outcomes.

We will show you how this works.

With billions of people now using e-commerce stores, there is a higher demand for assessing and differentiating one seller from the other.

There is also an increase in the competition across the board.

To stay up and to steer clear of any unnecessary competition, some businesses use tested and trusted means.

This keeps them above the competition.

For example, these days, more and more businesses are discovering the value of product data scraping and utilizing it to gain a competitive advantage.

Factually, there are patterns in the way providers of goods and services gain visibility.

More so, some are apparently off the competition that other companies emulate in their marketing strategies.

The best companies effectively utilize data scraping.

We shall see how these factors connect.

Elements of Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management, otherwise called ORM, is a system of retaining, monitoring, and addressing issues that arise concerning a company’s public reception.

In the business of online visibility, this is a form of currency.

With a good reputation, you can control the market.

For any business that has a form of online presence, there is likely some sort of public opinion about it.

Buyers generally flow in obedience to some sort of unwritten code.

When this happens, businesses that are quick to analyze can observe them and draw inferences.

For any aspiring business to make headway in the market, it has to study the flow of the market with itself.

This is the basis for online reputation management as it relates to data scraping.

If you are a seller of rubber boots online, for example.

A quick way to assess your online reputation is to see customer reviews about your boots on your page or website.

You can also see what they are saying about what they buy on social media.

The process of assessing these opinions requires that you manually go through all concerned review sites and extract the information.

After that, you will identify the comments about price, color, texture, delivery time, etc.

The list goes on and on.

Whilst this effort is meant to be a thorough process, there is a better way to do it.

Check it out below.

Web Scraping for Online Reputation Management

You can effectively beat the competition with online reputation management automation.

Why manually search the internet for every comment about you or a product when you can scrape them all out, sort them according to set criteria, and objectively read them?

Since you have control over the kind of information that you want to get, you can simply collect data relating to the kind of audience that you want to reach.

From the output, you can understand their demographics, buying patterns, likes and dislikes, and other important data.

From the outcome of your assessment, you can choose the proper direction to take with your sales.

If it is your assessment, you will know why clients buy at a certain time and why they stopped buying at a certain time.

If it is a competing brand, you can tell why it has the edge over you or is the way it is.

You can also take advantage of comparison to see which attributes are good and which are not.

After a comprehensive data scraping exercise, you can take steps to improve your visibility in the marketplace in line with your assessment of the outcome.

Sales Boost Mechanism

Some laws govern sales. For example, lower prices lead to more sales while higher prices lead to fewer sales.

That is just one of the elementary laws that govern sales.

When there is a sales boost, it is more than prices going down.

Advertisement or placing are some of the other modifications that may have caused the changes.

Sales boost may be the outcome of any of the following:

New products: When there are new products in a particular store, there tends to be an increase in sales.

As some products are co-dependent, some are joint, etc., there lies the chance of an increase in sales.

Expansion to new markets: When more people know about a brand, its products receive higher level of traffic.

Promotion of sales channels: When sales channels receive a boost, they tend to perform better.

This affects the general outlook of the brand as there would be some heightened engagement of other channels and the product source.

Competition awareness: An awareness of competition rouses an increase in sales.

This can result from both internal and external factors.

You can even scrape eBay products and prices to monitor competiton at some level.

Community relations: A healthy marketing strategy that impacts the community and puts their well-being as a matter of concern improves sales.

Customer relations: A healthy feedback system to customer reviews and dedicated efforts to make improvements are vital to boosting sales.

Web Scraping for Boosting Sales

We can say from a distance or close examination that sales have grown by 5% since a company began to respond to buyer reviews.

This may not provide adequate information on the role of price changes and the new market expansion.

It may not also take the 2% increase in the e-store app download or the local marketing efforts in Region C into account.

This is one aspect where data scraping has an advantage.

You can harvest comprehensive sales data insights with data scraping.

A good example of this is in various industries is car parts scraping from automotive websites or fashion websites scraping.

A comprehensive output can show which factors are contributing to a boost in their right amounts and times.

Imagine such a possibility.

You could assess the market direction with a singular piece of data.

After a complete assessment, you may proceed to modify your strategies to achieve the best possible sales boost.


The following steps are important to achieve a sales boost using web scraping:

  1. Study the trends of products and their markets
  2. Study every move of your competitors
  3. Monitor the price fluctuations
  4. Respond appropriately to customers
  5. Use the best mix from the factors that will make you rank well

Using online reputation management automation and sales data insights give you an easy advantage over the competition.

You need not consider it as optional.

You can get the most out of data scraping today.

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