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As a leading data extraction company, Datamam has a proven track record of effectively extracting, organizing, and analyzing global data for businesses. Our custom datasets provide businesses access to high-quality, clean and large-scale information tailored to their needs.

Datamam Datasets

Custom Datasets

At Datamam, we’re dedicated to delivering the highest quality data to our clients. We understand that clean and structured data is essential for making informed decisions. That’s why we take a flexible approach to create custom datasets based on your specific needs.

Our datasets are cross-referenced, scraped, and aggregated to ensure we deliver comprehensive insights to our clients in any format they require. Datamam’s commitment to excellence means we work tirelessly to extract data from the largest platforms daily.

In addition, we’ve created an API to make the data extraction process even more convenient. Our ability to extract data at scale means that we can provide our clients with a comprehensive view of their industry, competitors, and market trends. At Datamam, we believe in delivering white-glove services to our clients, ensuring they receive the best data possible. Our datasets features:

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We ensure that our clients receive up-to-date and relevant data by constantly extracting information from a diverse range of sources.

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Our datasets are customizable to our clients’ needs, allowing them to select the specific data points they require.

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Datasets provide cost-effective solutions to our clients, as they eliminate the need for expensive software and infrastructure development.

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Structured and Clean

Our datasets are structured and clean, ensuring that our clients can easily use them in their analysis without any inconsistencies.

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Data Exchange Marketplaces

Our API offers a streamlined solution for businesses to search and access data from the most extensive data exchange marketplace platforms, such as AWS, Snowflake, and Google Datasets, without time-consuming and costly data search processes. Our constantly updated and comprehensive database covers a wide range of topics, and our free API is just one of the many ways we help businesses make data-driven decisions.


Endpoint: /datamam-api

Method: GET


This API allows businesses to search through the largest data exchange marketplace platforms, including AWS, Snowflake, and Google Datasets.

Our API provides access to a vast array of data on a wide range of topics, saving businesses time and resources in their data search process.

Request Parameters:

This API does not require any request parameters.

Response Example:


“update_date”: “API that allows businesses to search through the largest data exchange marketplace platforms.”

“exchange_platform”: “We understand that finding relevant data from multiple sources can be time-consuming and costly.”

“data_url”: “That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you by extracting and compiling data from the largest data exchange marketplace platforms.”

“data_name”: “With our free API, businesses can access a vast array of data on a wide range of topics across AWS, Snowflake and Google Datasets.”

“data_description”: “Our free API is just one of the many ways we help businesses make data-driven decisions.”


Datasets Delivery

Our constantly updated datasets can be accessed through a variety of methods, depending on the factors that matter most to our clients. We provide a cost-effective and scalable solution that ensures secure and reliable data storage and retrieval. Our delivery methods include: API, S3 Bucket, SFTP, Email and more. At Datamam, we prioritize providing a white-glove service to our clients, ensuring that they receive the best data possible to make data-driven decisions.

Datamam Clients
Datamam Clients

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