Case Studies

Explore our rich collection of case studies at Datamam. Each study exemplifies our commitment to providing data solutions that drive impactful results for businesses across industries. From on-time delivery to unmatched accuracy and custom datasets, our case studies showcase our dedication to quality and client success. Dive in to discover the real-world applications of our web scraping services.

  • Contact Information Crawling: Tasked with the ongoing challenge of assembling a vast contact database, we developed a dynamic crawling system designed to extract contact details, ensuring our clients have the most current information at their disposal.
  • Court Dockets Scraping: We facilitated law firms in staying ahead by scraping court dockets, thus providing them with the necessary insights for case preparations and strategic legal positioning.
  • Government Procurements Scraping: Our scraping services have been integral for businesses targeting government contracts, offering them the ability to swiftly access and analyze current government procurement data.
  • Leasing Data Extraction: Specializing in the automotive industry, we extracted in-depth leasing data from car leasing websites, aiding clients in comprehensively understanding market trends and making informed investment decisions.
  • Ticketing Websites Scraping: We provided the entertainment and travel sectors with critical data by scraping ticketing websites, yielding valuable insights into pricing strategies, seat availability, and demand projections.
Datamam Clients
Datamam Clients

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